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A list source of over 150 million residents: homes, apartments, 

trailers with median age, income, % of children and more. 

Also 12 million business locations with sales volume, minority owned, and other selections.


Business data is compiled from hundreds of sources that include corporate websites, new business filings, more than 2,600 local and national telephone companies, and more. 



A list source of over 150 million residents: homes, apartments, 

trailers) and 12 million business locations. Data is updated monthly and is compiled from over 100 different sources. Unique elements include buying activities, interests, donations, financial, education, and more.


Target responsive candidates that are in the marketing for services such as secured credit cards, rebuilding credit, or refinancing offers.

Do you have an offer that would benefit a specific credit score range? Target individual consumers that will take advantage of your product or service that meet your financing requirements.  


100% Compliant Auto Data - 150 Million Unique VINs and 72 Million Households.

Black Book or Kelley Blue Book Values, Consumer Score Ranges, Income, and other selects available.



Accountants & CPA’s
Accountants & CPA’s with Emails 

Active Military Personnel at Home 

Active Senior Donors
ADA Dentists
Advertisers & Executives
Advertising Agencies
Affluent Senior Living
African American Licensed Professionals 

African American Consumers 

Agricultural Businesses
Ailment & Illness Sufferers
Air Conditioning & Heating Contractors 

Aircraft Owners 

Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers 

Allied Health Professionals
AMA Physicians
Ambulance Services 

Ambulatory Medical Facilities
Ambulatory Surgery Centers
America on the Move - New Borrowers 

America on the Move - New Homeowners 

America on the Move - New Movers 

America on the Move - Pre-Movers America’s 

Affluent Database
America’s Affluent Investors
America’s Bravest - Firefighters at Home 

America’s Finest - Police at Home 

America’s Condominium Owners 

America’s Farmers Market
America’s Homeowner Database 

America’s Military 

Available by Branch of Service 

    Military Veterans 

Available by Branch of Service 

    Retired Military Personnel 

Available by Branch of Service 

America’s Premier Bankruptcy Database 

America’s Workers at Home
American Collectibles
American Lifestyle Responders 


Animal Welfare Network Donors 

Antique Auto Owner Universe 

Architects Landscape 


Architectural Firms & Executives 

Asian American Workers at Home 

Assisted Living Facilities 

Association Headquarters 

Athletic Directors & Coaches 

Athletic Trainers
ATV Owners
Auctioneers - Licensed 

Auto Insurance Renewals
Auto Repair Shops & Garages 

Automobile Owner Universe 

    Available by Make/Model/Year 

Aviation Specialists

And the lists goes on .....just email us and we can provide the full list.  

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