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The unboxing experience has become a powerful e-commerce marketing tool that can differentiate your business from the competition and turn one-time customers into repeat business. Because the unboxing takes place in the post-sale phase, anything extra you can offer becomes a value add.
Here are a few value-add examples that can create a memorable unboxing experience:

    •    Ship your items in a branded package. Whether you create custom boxes or use branded packaging tape or branded labels and stickers on the outside and inside of the box, a well-branded box can create excitement before the customer even opens the package.
    •    Personalize each package with a handwritten thank you card or note.
    •    To add a luxurious feel, consider using customized tissue paper to line the box or wrap your products, which adds visual appeal and branding to the inside of the box.
    •    Include targeted inserts, such as product info cards, coupons that thank customers for their purchase, branded stickers, new product brochures, and more.
    •    Consider including free samples or other surprise goodies, which is a great way to encourage additional purchases.
    •    Ensure that your branding is consistent and helps to build your overall brand’s personality.
    •    Consider including a product guarantee card and a return label to increase convenience, should the customer decide the product isn’t right for them.
    •    Ask your customers for feedback and let them know you’d love to hear their opinions on your product – good or bad. Include a link to a customer survey and/or your social media handles.

Perfecting the Unboxing Experience

An envelope can be so much more than simply a covering of some sort for your correspondence. The right envelope can instantly convey a wealth of ideas before its intended recipient even opens it up. The next time you're working on choosing the right envelope for your marketing, keep the following considerations in mind.


Make Your Envelopes Stand Out
Printing envelopes before the conversion process offers a fantastic way to grab your customers' attention. Try adding some special effects to your envelopes like printing envelopes emblazoned with graphics on the outside, print on the inside of the envelope, or even simply print your envelopes in four-color. Little additions like these can make a huge impact.
Solutions for Differing Budgets
As with any order, it's important to weigh where the cost breaks are and what techniques are more cost effective than others. Runs of 5,000 or more envelopes could lend themselves to customizing envelopes with engraving, printing and embossing. Even though this process is both more expensive and time-consuming, its costs could fall enough so that the project falls within your budget and you'd get the benefit of an impactful first impression. For smaller runs, the benefit versus cost of customization would need to weighed, since smaller runs of customized envelopes would not be as cost effective.

When Designing Envelopes, Keep Postal Regulations in Mind
Nothing would be worse than a beautiful envelope that the post office won't mail! You'll need to limit the use of both the return address information and any graphics to the envelope's upper left corner in order to meet the regulations of the post office. Also, the envelope's face needs to be left blank. This allows the post office to include any necessary information and provides a place to add the recipient's address. Be sure to double check the mailing regulations or ask before ordering your envelopes.
If printing envelopes after the conversion process, one thing to keep in mind is that when designing your envelopes a clear area of 3/8-inch at the top of a pre-made envelope should be built in to provide the space needed to pull the envelope through the press when it's being printed.
Knowing these considerations prior to making a decision can help you choose the envelope design that best meets your needs and your budget.

Printing Considerations for Envelopes

Save-the-date door hangers are a great way to spread the word to local residents about an upcoming community event or block party, new business announcement, upcoming sales, fundraisers, and much more.
Here are a few tips to ensure the biggest bang for your door hanger buck:

    •    Consider including a label for recipients to add to their calendar as a conveniently added reminder.
    •    Design your door hanger with a tear-away coupon or tear-away customer loyalty card as incentives to visit your business.
    •    Increase the life of your door hanger by affixing a magnet to the back, including a calendar, or a tear-away business card with contact information on one side and event details on the other side.
    •    Consider using save-the-date door hangers as a creative way to invite internal employees to a celebration. Create excitement in the office by hanging invites on each office door.
    •    Consider a folded door hanger to increase your promotional space.
If you’d like help creating the perfect save the date door hanger, visit our website! And remember, other printers may be nearby, but we are here to assist you from concept to completion!

Save-the-Date Door Hangers

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