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Is a service where we match up a client provided database to the U.S. Postal service National Move File. By doing this, we are able to provide you a database with the newest moves, recorded by the Postal Service.


We create a market penetration analysis. The resulting report highlights how your customers differ, then applies the intelligence of the penetration analysis to your target market to create a custom prospect audience that mirrors your best buying customers.


This  adds demographic information to your existing consumer or business data. Data appends can be a powerful marketing tool to assist with offer customization, segmentation, and improved targeting. Phone appends are run through the Do Not Call Registry and the Email appends are CAN Spam Compliant.


Quickly focus your marketing efforts on prospects with the greatest probability to complete a desired action by comparing your data and applying algorithms to your target market, we can create a custom prospect audience most likely to buy, respond, or donate.


DEATH SUPPRESSIONS - There is nothing more heartbreaking than to receive a call from a customer saying that you mailed a customer that has passed away.  We can prevent this scenario.

DMA/DNC SUPPRESSIONS - We can take your file and remove anyone that has filed with the Direct Mail Association or the Do Not Call Registry  - Mailing only consumers that want to receive and are open to your message.


Maximize your automotive marketing efforts by using this product which compares your record with actual state registration records to see if the vehicle title has been transferred which identifies lost customers.


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