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B & G Marketing initially was a woman and veteran-owned alternative marketing company, and our business started as a hobby creating artwork, vinyl, and airbrush for our friends. Our friends were also looking for help with websites, direct mail,

digital marketing and marketing campaigns, so we created B & G Marketing and shifted our focus on helping small to midsize businesses meet all their marketing needs. 

As a business owner, your time is valuable. The time you spend trying to identify target audience segments, placement, online strategy, content creation, delivery, web design, and various other marketing aspects is time you can’t focus on your business and clients. We not only build that holistic marketing strategy for you, but we will continue to adapt your plan as your business evolves. Our responsiveness, experience, and dedication to our clients are what separates us from the pack.

B & G Marketing is your full-service marketing without the added cost of employees, benefits, payroll taxes, image purchases, and subscriptions that add up every day whether you have made a sale or not. When you need a Graphic Design, Marketing Strategy, List, Data Services, Print, Direct Mail, Website Design, or Digital Marketing -- B & G Marketing has you covered from concept to completion!


Betty Mah-velous Mackey Daytona
Betty Mackey


I am originally from New England just outside of Boston, or as my husband used to say... a "Yankee". I relocated to The World's Most Famous Beach a few decades ago. I have managed hundreds of successful marketing campaigns for local and national businesses such as advertising agencies, attorneys, auto dealerships, commercial banks, insurance companies, medical clinics,  restaurants, and fast-food franchises.

2020 was extremely hard on all of us dealing with the pandemic, and in May of 2020, a fire destroyed our home for over 30 years, and later that month, I lost my husband after an illness. He was my rock, and I cherish the memories we made, from raising our four children and seeing the birth of our grandchildren. I have the support of family, friends, clients, and even ex-coworkers that have helped me through the difficult times.

Fast forward to 2024. Let's get started - give me a call today! 

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